Air Rifle

Gunsmiths figured out how to seal an air reservoir, pressurized by an integral bellows or other pump, well enough to hold sufficient pressure to fire a bullet with lethal force. Air rifles had some drawbacks. They were expensive, fragile, required several minutes of pumping to reach an operational pressure, and were not as powerful as their gunpowder cousins. However, they were very quiet and produced no smoke cloud, making them ideal weapons for snipers. They were also capable of firing several shots per minute, a vastly better rate of fire than gunpowder weapons.

This weapon takes 30 minutes of pumping to bring the reservoir up to sufficient pressure to fire 30 projectiles. It slowly loses power as it is used. After every five shots, reduce damage by 1 point, and range by 5 meters. The user may pump the weapon between shots, increasing reloading time by a minute per shot since the last pumping, to retain full power. This weapon is extremely quiet and acts as though it was equipped with a silencer.

Name Creator Armor Penetration Damage Value Calibre Range Firing Modes Ammo Weight
Air Rifle Varied 1 1d10 14mm 10/20/30/400 SS 1 9 lbs.

(Notes: Requires 3 complex actions to reload.)

Air Rifle

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