Analytical Engines

Data Storage

  • Paper Tape
  • Punched Cards
  • Data Disks (Metal ‘records’)
  • Capacitative Electric Disk (Advanced Data Disks)
  • Magnetic Drum (Giant Electric Cage Drums)


The Alexandrian Machines

It is a sophisticated mechanical calculator built from wood and sinew, capable of multiplication, division, and finding square and cube roots.

Analytic Artilleur

It’s designed as a semi-portable fire direction system for artillery. It’s the earliest mechanical computer, using levers to input numbers and sets the required directions.


These are experimental mechanical computer systems designed to process economic information held on a series of magnetic drums. Guilds with sufficient resources and backing have taken to using them in an attempt to optimize tradegoods between markets.


This is a analytic cartography system, using a hand crank.

Analytical Engines

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