Charcoal Pills

These can be ingested to absorb poison and prevent it from entering the bloodstream.

Vegetable Compound

A ‘female health supplement’ which just happens to be to also be 20% alcohol.


This drug is commonly used to promote hair growth. Unfortunately in some people it causes violent moodswings, increased aggression, and memory loss.


This is a form of energy pill, with the side effect of increasing libido.

Ontological Atavizing Drugs

This drug has an effect on unborn children when given during pregnancy. If taken over the course of a pregnancy they can cause anomalous traits to be present in the child.

Truth Serum

This places a person in a trance like state, where they are easily suggestible.


This noble gas can be used as an anesthetic for short periods of time, though it requires constant exposure to continue the effect.


It puts someone in a suspended metabolic state, while continuing mental functioning at a trance level.


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