Elemental Adaptation

Temperature Tolerance: The morph’s temperature regulation and circulation are both substantially enhanced allowing the character to survive in temperatures as low as –30 degrees Celsius and as high as 60 degrees Celsius without discomfort or ill effects. [Low]

Low Pressure Tolerance: The morph can tolerate extremely low atmospheric pressures, such as those found at high altitudes on Mars, with no ill effects. Morphs with this mod are also somewhat more resistant to vacuum exposure and are able to spend up to five minutes in hard vacuum without incurring damage. However, morphs without respirocytes or an oxygen reserve still suffer asphyxiation. [Low]

Temperature Tolerance (Improved Cold): The morph is treated as having the Temperature Tolerance biomod (p. 305, EP), but with an even greater resistance to low temperatures. The morph can tolerate temperatures as low as –80 C without ill effects. [Moderate]

Extreme Heat Shielding: This enhancement bolsters the synthmorph’s tolerance to extremely high temperatures with heatresistant materials, heat sinks, and bulky coolant systems. This modification increases the morph’s Durability by 25% while reducing its Movement Rate by half and modifying COO by –10. Morphs with his augmentation can withstand temperatures up to 500 C. [Expensive]

Extreme Pressure Adaptation: Morphs with this mod undergo serious structural reinforcement, enabling them to withstand pressure of up to 100 atmospheres. This modification increases the morph’s Durability by 50% while reducing its Movement Rate by half and modifying COO by –10. [Expensive]

Radiation Shielding: This enhancement hardens the morph to exposure from electromagnetic and ionizing radiation. This will protect the morph in most situations that would be harmful to others, but at the gamemaster’s discretion is only of limited effectiveness against extremely powerful sources of radiation (such as Jupiter’s electromagnetic field) over prolonged periods. [High]

High-G Adaptation: This augmentation is specifically designed to allow a morph to operate in environments where gravity is significantly greater than Earth’s. The morph’s heart and circulatory system are strengthened and its skeleton altered in composition and proportion to be harder, slightly thicker, and considerably more durable. The morph’s muscle density is also increased and tendons and ligaments bolstered for improved efficiency in higher gravity. Apply a +5 Durability and +5 SOM bonus. In addition, the character suffers no negative modifiers from gravities up to 2 g, and reduces all penalties for higher gravities by 1 g. [Moderate]

Elemental Adaptation

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