Misc Devices

Anti-Noble Soul Kit

This is a set of tools sold by the Immaculate Order with dubious claims of combating Noble Souls as well as detecting them.


A surveillance device is a parabolic metal dish, plus a stethascope to conduct sound to the user’s ear. It allows you to hear stuff from up to 50m away.

Expansive Tent

An expansive tent is a lightweight self-erecting tent intended for short expeditions in fair weather.


This is a chemical lighting system used primarily for stage lighting.


This is an advanced ‘spinning picture disc’ which can project the images using a display lantern shining through the discs.

Speaking Mutoscope

This is a advanced picture flipbook machine with a phonographic player, allowing primitive ‘shows’ to be displayed in a booth that can be placed on any streetcorner.

Misc Devices

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